Mad Max: Fury Road Drink Recipe – Lovely Day Blossom

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This week, Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky in the reboot of Mad Max. Celebrating the fruits of what should otherwise be a lifeless desert, we put together a surprisingly pleasant (if hot) drink. More after the jump.

Lovely Day Blossom



  • 1 Jigger (2 oz, or 60mL) peeled dragonfruit flesh
  • 1 tbsp superfine sugar
  • 1 Jigger (2 oz, or 60mL) Oaxacan mezcal, (Del Maguey Vida used here, anything smoky will do)


  1. Chill 6 oz general purpose goblet
  2. Cut side of dragonfruit and notch for garniture
  3. Add dragonfruit and sugar to a metal shaker tin
  4. Muddle fruit on sugar until broken up into syrupy juice and seeds
  5. Add mezcal
  6. 2/3 fill with ice, seal and shake tin
  7. Strain with Hawthorne and tea strainer into goblet
  8. Garnish with slice

Messing around with the desert location of the movie, we go to mezcal again as a spirit base. After all, agave is a plant that thrives in the desert, growing slowly in fields like: This is Oaxacan mezcal, which works here thematically due to the increased smoke present in the spirit that carries through from roasting the agave hearts. Tequila can smoke as well, but it doesn’t as frequently as Oaxacan. (Sotol, the other major desert plant spirit, would also be interesting to try. It’s even more troublesome to get good bottles of though, so that’s where I’m leaving it for this discussion).

The big modifier in this case is another desert fruit, of the cactus genus Hylocereus: Dragonfruit. Also known as sweet pitaya, this stuff has the texture of a kiwi with a mild pear-like flavor. Using less of it than the liquor makes this properly a blossom. (The flesh quantity is the same, but the juice yield is lower). Normally we’re not a fan of having seeds interrupt the smooth texture of a shaken drink, but in this case we feel it’s nice and really proves a point that there’s dragonfruit in the drink. Even if single straining allows ice shards in.

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