Lucasfilm Bringing the Legal Hammer Down on Brewery Over ‘Star Wars’ Beer

The Empire Brewing Company has found itself in some legal hot water over their most recent beer. It’s called “Strikes Bock,” and apparently Lucasfilm’s lawyers did not enjoy the pun.

The big issue seems to be that when combined with the brewing company’s name, the label on the beer bottle looks like “Empire Strikes Bock,” a clear (and intentional) riff on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Beyond that, neither the beer nor the brewery itself has anything to do with Star Wars or Lucasfilm, it seems like it was just a playful attempt at some punny naming.

As with most big companies, Lucasfilm doesn’t take these sorts of things very lightly though; and it’s likely that the company doesn’t want people to mistake Empire’s product for an official endorsement.

Sadly, there isn’t an official Star Wars beer out there (yet) to replace it. But hey, with Episode VII out next year, you never know…

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