Marvelus Drink Recipe – Frozen Hero


Ingredients – Serves 2

  • 1 cup(8 oz, or 240mL) whole milk
  • 1 cup(8 oz, or 240mL) Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream Ice Cream
  • 1 tsp(5mL) mint extract
  • ~2 cup ice
  • 2 Captain America Shield ice cube for garniture


  1. Set out 2 10 oz general purpose tumblers
  2. Blend ice until crushed, set aside 1/3
  3. Add remaining ingredients except shield to blender and blend until smooth
  4. Pour into tumblers
  5. Using a spoon gently drag remaining crushed ice from cup onto surface of drinks
  6. Garnish by nestling shields in ice

It seems we can’t help ourselves when it comes to Captain America: when the spotlight is on him, drinks tend to go virgin. Poor Steve, no alcohol, no girlfriend, no respect for his moral stance on swearing. Why is that, though?
One of the stock phrases for describing Capt. Rogers is “a man out of time”. The guy belongs decades in the past if it weren’t for being stuck in the Arctic.

Not you, wrong show.

Not you, wrong show.

The comics and MCU vary on exactly where up there he crashed, but it was the combination of the cold and his Super-Soldier serum that kept him ageless in the snow. Combine that with a Marvel ice mold from Loot Crate featuring the legendary disc-shield, and we felt it was only right to make a drink honoring the Capsicle phase of his history.

Thawing Captain America
When designing the drink we wanted to go with a dirty, snowy white, evocative of the ruined plane which blew apart around him as the plane went down. This gave us the chance to use a particularly patriotically punny ice cream in a milkshake, Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream. After blending, the caramel ribbon partially dissolves into the drink, tainting ribbons of slush from white to off-white. The shake is flecked with the wreckage of chocolate covered cone, which after being pulverized adds texture like chocolate chips.


Delicious. and ‘Murican.

Of course, what is essentially a chocolate chip milkshake won’t seem very snowy on the tongue. Ice cream and milk alone will just feel thick, rich, sweet, and tongue-coatingly fatty. To remedy this, we made sure to add two other crucial elements. The first: plenty of crushed ice. For obvious reasons, this waters down some of that thickness and makes the texture more slushy than creamy. The second key is mint extract. Mint pairs exceedingly well with chocolate, and more importantly, contains plenty of menthol. Menthol is an organic compound well known for its cooling sensation, even without a change in temperature. In a cold drink, however, the feeling is amplified, so that even through a straw everything tastes icy cold.
Poor Steve, no alcohol, no girlfriend, no respect for his moral stance on swearing. Maybe this time, at least, his milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard.

Phil's a big fan, at least...

Maybe not so much.

Can you feel it?

**By the way, we just submitted this recipe to Loot Crate for their Marvelus Contest in their “Best Virgin Blended” category! If you like what we do, please vote for this and our other submissions (tagged Marvelus here and Nerd.Bar) at this link. **


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