Big Hero 6: Honey Lemon’s Power Purse Punch

Starting to countdown until Big Hero 6, we start drinking with the team by pairing Honey Lemon with a mild and sweet punch.

Power Purse Punch



  • 1 oz lemon juice (Eureka, Ponderosa, any real lemon (as opposed to Meyer, which is genetically half-orange)
  • 1 tbsp. honey, heaping. (Any kind will work, orange blossom suggested)
  • 1 Jigger (2 oz) Pisco Brandy: Curacao Liqueur (doux or triple-sec)
    • Suggested proportion 3:1 (1.5oz : 0.5 oz)
  • Marasca Cherry for garniture


  1. Set cherry on a skewer in a tumbler for garnishing
  2. Chill a sour goblet (capacity 5-6 oz.)
  3. In a mixing tin, add lemon juice, Pisco brandy, and Curacao liqueur.
  4. Stir honey off spoon into liquid. Use a heaping tablespoon because not all of it will transfer off.
  5. Seal tin and dry shake until honey is incorporated.
  6. Add ice, reseal tin and shake.
  7. Double strain into chilled sour goblet. Garnish with cherry.

Welcome to our countdown to Big Hero 6, where we’ll be going through each team member with a drink! Now, while my first preference is to take an preexisting drink and reconstruct it, I’m settling for something that I feel represents their personalities or tastes and what they would drink (if they were into alcohol), rather than something that say, looks exactly like them (without naming a few sites)… Now, we don’t have a lot of material to go on for any of these characters, so I’m going to be running entirely off of a) knowledge from their official character bios and released images, b) trailers and TV spots, and c) extrapolations from some of the general info floating around from the old comic miniseries from 2008 that Disney appears to be blending with original content and the first team.

Honey Lemon, as far as the previews have shown, comes off as somewhere between hyperactive chemistry geek and team mom. She’s hyper, bubbly, and wicked smart. As a party member, think high Int, high Cha, low Wis, definitely the maddest of the scientist-students at university. Now, it seems from character images that she’s maintaining the “Power Purse”, where in the comics she was pulling everything out of government-sponsored-unobtanium-powered hammerspace (well, Pym Particle powered). It seems in the movie Disney is focusing on a chemistry angle, going for grapefruit-sized balls of tungsten carbide that explode into pastel-colored smoke. I appreciate that her purse has a little periodic table as a keypad inside the heart, though from a design standpoint I have no idea how usable that would be to select. It remains to be seen if there are other grenades of different color and function, but based on the vibrant purse beading I would hope so.

Now with a name like Honey Lemon, and given that personality, it seems clear we basically /need/ to a) having a drink with honey and lemon, and b) make it approachable enough for everyone to enjoy. For us that started with deciding what kind of drink to make. As much as I love slings, as a type of they’re meant for people who really enjoy the taste of their liquor and want that bottle flavor to be forward. I personally find possets to be a near-universally enjoyed type, but there’s usually a minority who is either lactose-intolerant or doesn’t like thickened drinks as a matter of personal preference. With the necessity of lemon, meaning sour, that leaves punches, which just about anyone can enjoy.

Coming out of San Francisco/San Fransokyo, there’s an obvious choice of spirit- Pisco Brandy.Pisco, whilst famously from Peru, was mixed most frequently in San Francisco starting in the 1850’s Gold Rush, as it was one of the cheaper liquors to ship to SF. After all, it’s closer to Peru than to Cognac, France. Looking at some of the other purse beads, they remind me fruit: orange, grapefruit, cherries, that sort of thing. I’m going to stretch some artistic license to focus on orange, as citrus oils like those in orange extracts have a number of extra uses, from pest control to furniture polish. We may as well throw a cherry on top as another throwback to those beads, and because good preserved cherries are delicious.

This drink is a Sour, meaning that out of the regular punch proportions (sour, sweet, strong, weak), the weak(meaning water) ingredient is only being added from melting ice during shaking, rather than adding water like the Mississippi Punch, or tea like the Hong Kong Punch, or even soda water, like in a Mojito or Tom Collins. This, plus the addition of curacao orange liqueur and a cherry puts it into a group of drinks where it has a few close family members. Consider this a classic Sidecar with Pisco instead of Cognac, with honey and a cherry on top. Alternatively, it’s a Pisco Sour with lemon instead of lime, no bitters, and some Curacao to sweeten as well. The sweetening with liqueur suggests it would be a daisy, but it’s also sweetened with plant nectar (honey), so it should have a separate category…in the meantime, we’ll just call it the Power Purse Punch.


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