Big Hero 6: Gogo Tamago Hoverbike Flip

With only 3 days until the wide release of Big Hero 6, we try a boozy biker’s breakfast drink for Gogo Tamago.

Gogo Tamago Hoverbike Flip



  • 1 Large egg
  • 1 Tbsp white sugar
  • 1 Jigger (2 oz) peated malt whiskey : creme (or liqueur) de cafe/coffee (recommended ratio 2:1 for creme, 1:1 for liqueur de cafe)
  • Nutmeg grated for garniture


  1. Chill a general wine goblet (capacity 6 oz.)
  2. Add egg, sugar, whiskey, and coffee liqueur too metal mixing tin
  3. Add ice, seal with cheater tin and shake vigorously
  4. Finely strain into goblet
  5. Garnish with nutmeg and serve

Welcome back to our countdown to Big Hero 6, where we’ll be going through each team member with a drink! Now, while my first preference is to take an preexisting drink and reconstruct it, I’m settling for something that I feel represents their personalities or tastes and what they would drink (if they were into alcohol), rather than something that say, looks exactly like them (without naming a few sites)… Now, we don’t have a lot of material to go on for any of these characters, so I’m going to be running entirely off of a) knowledge from their official character bios and released images, b) trailers and TV spots, and c) extrapolations from some of the general info floating around from the old comic miniseries from 2008 that Disney appears to be blending with original content and the first team.

Our other female team member is Gogo Tamago. An industrial engineering student at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT), she’s by and large the team’s resident badass, especially when the team first forms and is comprised mainly of rookies. In the miniseries, if I recall correctly, she actually had a motorcycle gang background as a driver/messenger, and she was only recruited into that Big Hero 6 team due to her motorcycling skill, needed to pilot their experimental bike that turned into a high velocity wrecking ball. At top speeds it resembled a golden sphere/egg, hence the codename Tamago (Japanese for egg).

As far as we know now, her movie incarnation is once again skilled in biking, having invented a maglev-based bike for flying around, making her the scout and in-out glass cannon. As the street-smart member of the gang, she’s a little more aloof and distant from the rest of the heroes at first, but she’ll eventually warm up.

I see it as a given, obviously or not, that there should be egg in her drink. The fact that she’s a biker who needs energy in the morning lends some extra justification beyond the matching name. After all, to be strong I’ve heard of others needing 4, or 5 dozen eggs each morning.

Overdo the protein and you're roughly the size of a barge. Not so aerodynamic.

Overdo the protein and you’re roughly the size of a barge. Not so aerodynamic.

As to what other flavors Gogo would like, we know that she values high speed, she’s proud and distant and hard to relate to on first impression. She also seems to clearly descend from the Asian, likely Japanese portion of the San Fransokyo cultural stew. The need for speed I translated as sugar and coffee, which I’ll incorporate together through using a coffee liqueur (liqueur or creme de cafe would work, as the only difference between those labels by French law is the sugar content (with liqueur having less and creme having more)). The main spirit, though, I decided made sense as Japanese malt whiskey. Japan learned how to make malt whiskey in Scotland, and so their whiskey offerings are very good examples of robust, peaty-smoky barley whisk(e)ys (Scotch whisky), that just happen to be from Japan instead of Scotland. Like other smoked-source material spirits, it’s strongly flavored and delicious to the connoisseur, but a bit hard to get a hang of at first because of the smokiness. I used the Nika Taketsuru 12 year.

The egg places the drink in posset territory, into the realm of drinks known as flips. The way I learned it, flips contained only egg, no dairy, which would make an eggnog instead. All dairy would make it a straight posset, or a milkshake, depending on if there was any cream or all milk. But what proportion should the jigger be? That total 2 oz. amount of alcohol is non-negotiable. It really depends on 3 things: The intensity of flavor of your whiskey, the intensity of flavor of your coffee liqueur, and the sweetness of your coffee liqueur. If the whiskey is a strong Japanese malt (not blended, which refers to diluting with neutral grain spirits (vodka/everclear-like flavorless things), then you can add a lot more coffee liqueur and still taste the whiskey underneath. That much liqueur probably calls for a liqueur de cafe, though, to keep the sweetness reasonable (Tia Maria is an example of that). If the whiskey /is/ blended, then you have to limit the coffee flavor/liqueur volume, which might mean you can use a sweeter liqueur like a creme de cafe, instead (most famously Kahlua). The Choice, as always, is yours. As long as the alcohol adds to a jigger, it’s all personal preference without right or wrong.


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