Avengers: Age of Ultron Drink Recipes – Thor


Welcome back, everyone, to another pre-release drink series! We’re covering the (absurdly large) main cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron. As the real god among men, the one, the worthy, we pour out a mug even Asgardians can enjoy.


If He Be Worthy Ingredients


  • 1 Jigger (2 oz, 60 mL) linje (aged) aquavit
  • 1 gill (4 oz, or 120 mL) mead (honey wine), chilled


  1. Set a 2.5 oz “shot” tumbler and a 8 oz tumbler
  2. Pour aquavit in shot tumbler
  3. Pour mead in service tumbler
  4. Serve

***Note: Due to beyond-standard ingredient amounts this drink is closer to 2.5-3 alcoholic beverage portions. Please drink responsibly (even more than usual)

Both in-universe and out, Thor and his Asgardians/Æsir love to drink. In the halls of Valhalla and beyond, expect much beverage to be consumed.

Thor another drink

Thor proved in 2011 that if he wasn’t the god of thunder, he ought to be by draining Boilermakers. Here, we wanted to bring it a little closer to home.

A lot of joints will serve a cheap combo of  Tennesee whiskey (Jack or otherwise) or Mellow Corn. Instead, we break out aquavit (also spelled akvavit, akevitt), a spirit flavored with caraway + other secret herbs and spices blend the same way that gin is a juniper + other secret herbs and spices spirit. This stuff is peculiar to the Scandinavian region, and has been drunk by Swedes and Norsemen since the 15th century. Linje, or Linie aquavit has been aged in barrels which must cross the equator to Australia and back, with the changing outside environment forcing the spirit to age distinctly. The real stuff will provide info about the boat somewhere on the label.

On the other hand, the beers in many a boilermaker combo are light beers, very mild, and worse, low abv. To kick it up, head back to Valhalla: use mead. Using honey to provide fermentable sugars instead of trying to coax them from grain, mead can easily ferment to alcoholic concentrations more akin to wine than beer. That means more than twice as strong. To keep things from getting too crazy, an 8oz pour (that’s twice as much as the old 4-oz hotel standard, and 33-50% more than a typical restaurant pour now) of mead will do.

Don’t make this drink bigger: drink it, and if you need another, make another. Either pour the whiskey in, or depth charge by dropping the whole glass in.

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